English Language Schools

There is a wide range of institutions in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia & New Zealand offering English language study so choosing the one that is right for you can be difficult.GetSet partner English language schools are all accredited by various goverment and EFL industry professional organizations. This ensures that all GetSet partner English Language schools have qualified teachers and provide courses in a well managed and safe environment. Here we introduce the different choices you have when considering English language study.

You may find it difficult to decide in which country you wish to study so why not contact your local GetSet centre and after a needs analysis we will be able to help your choice.

What are private languages schools?

As the name suggests, these are privately owned schools and can be small family run schools limited to a single country such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand or large internatioanl organisations with several branches around the world. 

Where are they located?

Many of the language schools in the UK are on the south coast in places such as Bournemouth and Brighton. There are also lots of language schools in London, Oxford and Cambridge though having said this, most UK towns and cities will have at least one language school.

In the USA they are mainly located in New York, Boston, LA and San Francisco although there are many dotted around the whole of the USA.

In Canada they tend to be in the two main population centres of Toronto and Vancouver.

In Australia most major cities have a good number of language schools though most would be in Sydney in New South Wales, Brisbane/Goldcoast in Queensland and Melbourne - Victoria.

How many students do they have?

Some private language schools are very large and have hundreds of students and some will be very small with less than a hundred.

When can I start a course at a private language school?

These are usually very flexible with students being able to start a course on any Monday. Long Budget courses will tend to have set start dates.

What can I study?

Private language schools all teach a wide range of courses from basic to advanced English, English for examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL, business English, academic English and English for specific purposes (Hospitality & Tourism, Law, Pilots, Nursing etc.), and vacation English. An advisor at your nearest GetSet centre can talk you through the courses. 

How much are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees range greatly and depend on the following:
Number of lessons studied per week - typically 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours
Length of study - the longer you study, the cheaper the weekly fees
Class size - Most range from 12 to 15 students but some of the cheaper schools may have as many as 25.

Come and see us and we will give you fee comparisons for schools most suited to your needs.

Where will I live during my course?

Family Homestay is the norm but a few private language schools may have some residential student accommodation though this will be more expensive than Homestay.

Can I study English at a university?

Yes. Most universities will have a language centre, mainly for presessional courses aimed at improving students' English and study skills for degree study. Some Universities will also offer year round courses for general or academic English. The main difference between university language centres and the private language schools is the start dates. Year round language courses at university language centres tend to start only at the beginning of each term and not any Monday. Another difference is that they don't normally have classes for basic or beginner English.

Do colleges have languages courses?

Yes. One of the main benifits of college Language centres (FE Colleges in the UK, Community Colleges in the USA)  is that students can often combine language study with any modules that the college offers depending on timetabling. For example you could study English for three hours each morning and then in the afternoon take some modules in business or secretarial studies. Of course this would depend on your level of English as your class mates would mostly be local students.




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