Why GetSet?

You may think to yourself, “Why use an education consultancy? Surely it would be easier to apply on my own?” However, after reading the reasons mentioned below, most people will probably come to the following conclusion; “Why bother applying on your own and have all the trouble that goes with it when GetSet can do it for you!”

What makes GetSet different to other education agents?

GetSet believes in supplying students with accurate and up to date information on all aspects of life and study in the UK. GetSet students will find that they are not just a number that needs to be processed as quickly as possible before moving on to the next. Our experienced and patient counseling staff will always have time to spend with the students to make sure that all the information is fully understood and that the institutions to which the students apply are the most suitable choices.

Our counselors will not just give lists of institutions that offer the subject in which the student is interested but will spend time explaining the many and varied courses to make sure students can focus only on the universities that are of interest to them and that they have a realistic chance of entering. In this way students have a greater chance of receiving offers, in fact, the percentage of successful GetSet applications is over 90% and 100% of GetSet students will receive offers.

How much does the service cost?

The GetSet service is absulutely free with no hidden costs. Our impartial education service is dedicated to helping students achieve their overseas study goals in the UK. Why pay when GetSet can help you with our free comprehensive service? This includes face to face counseling, editing of application materials including personal statement, CV and references by a native English speaker.

To which institutions can I apply through GetSet?

GetSet will assist you in applying to any institution. This includes top universities like Oxford and Cambridge. We have offer letters from many universities at our centres that students can request to see if they so desire.

Does GetSet assist with scholarship applications?

Many GetSet students have been successful at obtaining scholarships. This is because GetSet can give advice as to what should be written in a scholarship application. GetSet has a long record and a lot of experience when it comes to helping students apply for scholarships.

What if need help after I have applied?

GetSet is not just an application centre. We will continue to help you all the way through the application process and beyond. This includes; help in selecting the final destination, presessional language application, accommodation application, visa application and airline ticket booking.

GetSet keeps in regular contact with all the institutions whether they are in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand to keep track of your applications and chase universities for decisions after you have applied.

Where does GetSet have Centres?

GetSet has centres throughout Asia - Taiwan, China, Vietnam and India and in the UK - Birmingham, Bournemouth Hull, Manchester and Newcastle. Why not contact us at the centre nearest to where you are, our advisers would love to hear from you.

Can GetSet help me with my visa application?

With the visa regulations changing on a near weekly basis it is important that you have all the most up to date visa information on hand. GetSet can provide this and assist in filling out the visa forms. This is a very important step in your journey, submitting the wrong paperwork can result in delay or even visa refusal.

How will I know what to do when I arrive in the UK?

GetSet students are carefully prepared for Life and study in the UK. Because all our counselors have studied in the UK they all know exactly what problems new students are likely to face when arriving in the UK. GetSet counsellors will give the student the best preparation for the UK through pre-departure briefings. These include information on things such as weather, eating, shopping, travel, health, opening a bank account and culture shock to name but a few.

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